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"SKOOKUM has been described as a HARD ‘70’s sound! The sounds are big and reminiscent of KISS, Sabbath and some of the Seattle bands of the early 1990s, the riffs fused to amusing lyrics that'd make Frank Zappa proud."
– Tom Zillich, Surrey Now Published: Friday, November 30, 2007

SKOOKUM is PROUD of its Canadian roots! Get the "Team Canada Montage" for FREE!

If you love Canada or you just want to know a little bit more about Canadians and how SKOOKUM we truly are, then click on the Maple Leaf and go down the Beaver hole:


Skookum Canada, Vancouver Band

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***PARENTAL ADVISORY! - This song contains a wonderfully excessive amount of foul language. ***

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Rockstar Dreamers CD SKOOKUM: Big Phat Sounds

Pleasure Cruz CD
1. Pleasure Cruz
2. Jetfuel
3. Use & Abuse Me
4. Creepin Blues
5. One Night
6. The Glass
7. Aydan's Song
8. Momentum
9. World Comes Crashing in
10. I Got to Thinkin'
11. Growin Up's a Bitch
12. Hot Damn
13. Mirrored Windows
14. Time to Go

Pleasure Cruz CD cover

Rockstar Dreamers CD

Rockstar Dreamers - 2009

01 - Lasting Thrill
02 - Great To See You
03 - Bender
04 - Jigsaw
05 - New Age Rockstar
06 - Snap
07 - Rollin Along
08 - Rye! Can’t Remember
09 - That Girl
10 - Monsters under the Bed

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SKOOKUM: Big Phat Sounds


Big Phat Sounds - 2007
01 - Bring It On
02 - El Stinko
03 - Does Your Face Hurt
04 - Jam Nazi
05 - Ahh Doomed
06 - Let it Go
07 - Big Phat Sound
08 - Suck It Up
09 - Chunk-a Lunk-a
10 - Get Your Shit Together
11 - My Ass is on Fire
12 - Run Mofo Run
13 - Ahh Doomed Reprise

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