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Vanman (guitars/vox)

Squidman (bass/vox)
Storm (Drums/vox)

Name Cory Van Ieperen


Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Scalpels, Easel, Pencils and Paints
Likes That pure driven snow and hangin with my family – the wife, the boys
Dislikes The growing division between the hegemony and the proletariat and how that is influencing the rotation of the earth's axis… and… clutter
Hobbies Scratching, Enabling, Reading, Gardening
Favorite Food Sushi, Pho, Donair, Tim Ho's BELT, Walnut Crunch and anything out of my price range
Favorite Movie Fifth Element, Anchorman... Driving Miss Daisy
Favorite TV show Fringe, Family Guy, Bob Ross…
Favorite Position Tight end, forward and always being right.
Favorite Drink Canadian beer fargin' roolz! Rye, Scotch and Jim Beam bourbon….and uh….water of course cuz its good for you. coffee
Who's most Bootylicious? pre-tumor(jay-z) Beyonce…Scarlett…….hamina hamina (2nd only to another gal very close to my heart….you know who you are CLV)
Musical Influences 90's Seattle bands, the Beatles, Hendrix, Zep, Mr. Bungle, Queens of the Stone Age …. (wuz)KISS and various music.
Music I'm ashamed to own A lot of my high school hair band and bubble gum pop records…and Milli vanilli…I just couldn't get rid of it! That's an important piece of music history man! You can't forget! You can never forget! Those wankers…
Drives CD rom and CDRW, Honda Civic and that pure driven snow keeps me goin'
Name of Invisible Friend Carlos Von Peeuterschnitzel ( do not mention lamb around him !!!)
Nicknames Vanman, Coryvan
Celebrity I once met you know… the guy from that movie…???
Celebrity I'd like to meet All my favourite rock bands and say … "Hey … duuuude…..?"
Someplace you might find me mancave
Occupation pre-occupied with redundant nonsense
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