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Vanman (guitars/vox)

Squidman (bass/vox)
Storm (Drums/vox)

Name Dave Pollock


Bass, Fretless Bass, Guitar, Classical Guitar, Piano, Jew's Harp,
Likes Sleeping in, even better with a cuddly girl who likes to sleep in
Dislikes People who drive slow in the fast lane, Taxes, Getting up, having to sneeze when you have food in your mouth
Hobbies Cooking, Playing different instruments, Trying To Not Get Speeding Tickets (( "BIG Hobby" )) Roller Blading 20 – 120 K a week,. Camping, Collecting Guitars and Basses, writing songs, Meeting New Girls,. Grouse Grind, Staying out of Jail, Drinking Bourbon, making and drinking homemade Beer and Wine, finding girls to drink with, playing "Escaped Prisoner and The Wardens Wife" With New Found Friend, trying to keep home clean orderly, listening to New Music or music in General, many things,......Why can't we just have a few drinks and talk ?
Favorite Food Sushi / Indian
Favorite Movie Lord Of The Rings / Star Wars (the first three not the last three) Alice In Wonderland, Avatar
Favorite TV show Family Guy / South Park / Simpsons / Hockey Night In Canada, cooking shows, Survivor Man, My Name Is Earl, Fraser, blablablabla
Favorite Position Sideways Nutcracker or corner of the bed with down on it hard-core screwing… But I'd rather give face before anything to be honest. Is that a position or an act?
Favorite Drink 10 Year Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Full Cask (They don't make full cask anymore) If you don't have that then Bullett Bourbon from Kentucky.
Who's most Bootylicious? Huh? Really? You mean like Fantasy girlfriends?……Jennifer Aniston who might not be a fantasy if the dam music industry would treat our band rite and enable us to make a living doing this and not having to rely off Kraft Dinner and Mr. Noodles to survive.
Musical Influences Beatles, Alice Cooper, BTO, Iron Maiden, Motown, all Classical Music, America, Areosmith, UFO, Michael Schenker, Max Webster, Rush, Pat Travers, Scorpions, Neil Diamond, Deep Purple, Weather Report, Jeff Beck, Johnny Winter, Lois Armstrong, Lead Belly, Beach Boys, hey listen I'm going to fill up a few pages here ok,…. Again, can we just have a few drinks and talk about it?..................
Music I'm ashamed to own Why would I keep something I was ashamed of?
Drives 260Z, and a Beat up 1985 Dodge Ram Van with a slant 6 that runs on Propane at $0.74 a liter rite now while gas is at $1.43 haHAAAAAAAAAA!!
Name of Invisible Friend Again with these questions that make me ask……" are you on Acid? "
Nicknames "Squidman" the only one that ever really sort of stuck
Celebrity I once met Used to be a Movie Extra so met allot. Met Angus Young, David Lee Roth, Kim Mitchell, Rick Savage, Gordon Lightfoot and allot more when I was a Roadie. Coolest thing I guess was Got to Jam with Jason Bohnham at Club Soda once when we were playing there.
Celebrity I'd like to meet Geddy Lee maybe, Jennifer Aniston I guess. Don't have an urge to meet anybody except the Dalia Lama OK HEY!!! There we go!! Dali Lama!!
Someplace you might find me Grocery Store, Border Lineup, Seymour Damn Access road Roller blading, liquor store, pub or beer and wine store, Campground , Rehearsal hall, down by the River or the Ocean or Hospital . Oh Ya,… I mite be at Home!! I didn't think of that!!
Occupation People Swear and Lie To me all day.

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